Rewild your Senses – A YEAR LONG IMMERSION


For those wishing to commit to a yearlong experience of forest bathing.

Meeting 5 times through the year, we will follow the arc of the seasons, deepening our sensitivity to our senses and enlivening our connection to nature.

Course across 5 dates – Stating on 21st September 2024 ( only 10 places available )

Dates: 21st September 2024, 16th November 2024, 22nd March 2025, 7th June 2025, 16th August 2025.

Time 11am to 3pm

10 in stock

We will learn to finely tune into the subtlety of experiencing how we see, feel, smell, taste and touch. We will develop our sense of interoception building a profound resource of receptivity and awareness of our innate connectedness to nature and one another.

We will draw on embodiment practices of qi gong, walking mediation, and yoga to cultivate mindful presence as we are held by the forest.