Forest Bathing – All Day Immersion


An immersive, experiential training day, exploring the Healing Way of Shinrin-Yoku (Forest Bathing), the medicine offered by the forest.

Dates: 27th July 2024 or 1st September 2024

Time 10am to 5pm

We begin our day with movement and simple breathing practices to unify mindfulness, contemplation and meditation to awaken heightened sensual awareness.
With 5 senses as keys, we learn to bathe fully in the forest atmosphere. You will be guided in a sensual awakening meditation whereby the forest languages of renewal, growth, change and impermanence will become your experiential second nature.

At lunchtime we gather around a campfire to share experiences, enjoy lunch and drink wild herbal teas.

Shinrin-Yoku, is a traditional Japanese awareness meditation proven to alleviate anxiety, depression, fear and loneliness. It is no secret that getting out in nature has a profoundly positive impact on mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

We will learn practices both independently and as a group, the opportunities for teambuilding and group bonding can be explored. Through discovering woodland treasure finds, we shall co-create a celebratory healing mandala together to close the day.

Previous attendees have felt a deep sense of inner peace and stillness and have said that forest bathing is a transformative and enlightening experience.

If we are hosting your team, you will find a stronger bond within the team after this experience.

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27th July 2024, 1st September 2024