About helena

helena skoog forest bathing

Welcome. I am Helena Skoog, Swedish FOREST bATHING GUIDE.

I was born and raised in the forests of Sweden, and have lived quietly off-grid for 10 years in the ancient woodlands of Sussex.

Student: Helena Skoog

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears”

Teacher: The Forest

I am graced with a yogic practice of close communication with nature, and I love to share the languages of trees and their deep rooted wisdom, helping you to develop a pure enduring and evolving inner relationship with the soul essence of nature.

 Helenas qualifications

1 – Living completely alone and off-grid in ancient Sussex forestry.

2 – Working with natural flowing waters in woodlands, clearing streams, brooks and springs, learning the natural language of water.

3 – Participating in the design and construction of a permanent off-grid dwelling (log cabin), with integrated solar power.

4 – Designing, clearing and planting a forest garden, including medicinal herbs and plants, native trees and flowers, ongoing learning.
(This garden has been inspired by the International Gardens of Forgiveness Project.)

5 – Integrating the Buddhist Path of Sutra and Tantra, in both formal and informal study classes, including puja, ritual, meditation, mindfulness, love, wisdom and compassion.

6 – Trained in making forest medicines, essences, tinctures and remedies, by collecting local waters and plants, based upon traditional methodologies, and including intuitive medicine-making using sound, light, colour and movement.

7 – Integrating a deeper level of forest language, through identifying local wild bird species, animal tracks, species of local trees, plants and wildlife.

8 – Fully immersive and dedicated forest yoga for thirteen months, with daily barefoot practices, whilst integrating and evolving the practice of Shinrin-Yoku, through sensual engagement, walking meditations and full body sensory awareness.
(During various modules, Helena developed a lunar cycle based sequence of mandala making, crystal healing and menstrual awareness titled 13 Moon Yoga).

9 – Barefoot and sky-clad bathing in the forest for 1000 days, in all seasons and all weathers.

10 – Finalising preparations and experience, note-taking, recording photographically, working with seasonal progressions, moon phases (bio-dynamics), solstice and equinox observances during six months.

During her training, Helena took a one year yoga retreat (sabbatical), to integrate her body, breath and balance work in accordance with the Yogic Traditions – including Asana, Pranayama, Ayurveda, Meditation, Nutrition, Astrology, Astronomy & Raw Foods.