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FOREST BATHING (Shinrin-Yoku) Guided by Helena Skoog


Come and join me Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing (Shinrin-Yoku) is a traditional Japanese awareness meditation, proven to be a profound antidote to anxiety, depression, fear and tension.

You will be taken upon a simple forest walk, whereupon your guide, Helena, will facilitate and enable a sensual immersive experience, whereby the forest languages of renewal, growth, change and impermanence will become your experiential second nature.

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Helena Skoog Forest Bathing in Sussex


You will develop a sense of inner peace and stillness that will be supported and encouraged by nature’s living, ever-changing process.

Absolutely no experience necessary. The requirements are a willingness to let go of your troubles, fears, worries and anxieties.


Our Cellular Memory – that which awakens our yearning for inner peace, in contemplation of the forest language.

Expressions of Vitality – to engage with the vigour and dynamic of both growth and expression.

Forest Bathing Sussex

Expansive, Limitless and Healing – that only Nature can fully share, to your open heart for a soul of peace.

Forest in Sussex

For the Benefits – Opening our senses, awakening the dialogue between ourselves and the natural world.

helena skoog in woods

Walking with Mindfulness – Each step upon the forest path will deepen the experience of reflective immersion, guiding profound meditation.